Monday, March 2, 2015

Bring On The Sun

Remember the blood draw I mentioned last week?  They wanted to test my Vitamin D, as one last prerequisite before we can begin our next cycle.

Today, I got an email from our IVF nurse.  Turns out she's been trying to call since Fri (Thank you malfunctioning iPhone) to talk to me about the lab results.  My vitamin D level is much lower than they'd like to see while attempting pregnancy.  Mine is 19 and they consider an acceptable # to be 30 or higher.

They explained there have been studies that show low vitamin D levels lead to lower pregnancy rates and higher miscarriage rates.  I suggested she write a prescription for a mandatory beach trip, but I was shot down.  I will begin weekly doses of Vitamin D immediately to bring it up to an acceptable level to start our cycle.  I'll take a pill each week for 8 weeks, finishing just in time to start a May cycle like we are planning.

A vitamin D deficiency is an easy thing to fix, thankfully.  Let's be real...we've not seen the sun for months now.  My skin looks very similar to Casper's.  Yes, taking an extra pill is annoying.  But, for something so minor, you'll hear no complaints from me.

Say it with me...."Bring on the sun!"