Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cleared the Hurdle

I went in for a hysteroscopy and D&C this morning and am happy to report that everything went flawlessly.  Praise God!  The surgery was short...only 45 minutes.  When I woke up in post-op, I received before & after pics from the procedure, showing that the polyps were 100% gone.  We now have our "clean slate" to begin another round of IVF whenever we feel ready.  

We were back home around 10 a.m. and I've been lounging in bed since then.  Thankfully, I'm feeling pretty good -- just a little sore and crampy.  There's nothing left to do now but rest.  I'm scheduled for a post-op appointment on Sept. 19.  So, prayers are going up now that the visit will be positive and uneventful. 

We're looking forward to my parents and sister coming to visit from NC on Friday.  With all of the madness in our lives over the past month, coupled with this out-of-the-blue surgery, they were so sweet to offer to come and help out for a few days.  They've even been dog-sitting our spoiled rotten dog, Piggy.  We've really missed the little guy and will be glad to have our family of 3 back together.  

I can't say thank you enough for all of the messages, calls and prayers.  I'm blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful family & friends! 


  1. I'm sooo glad things went so smoothly! I knew they would though! :) You just get you some rest and we'll see you late Friday night! I can't wait, even though I'll have a hard time parting with Piggy.. haha. Love you!!

  2. Very glad everything went well!!! Take care of yourself!