Monday, February 23, 2015

Cramping & Crepes

This morning was my sonohysterogram, a test I mentioned in a previous post.  My Dr had added it to my list of cycle prerequisites, due to my rocky delivery with Gavin (postpartum hemorrhage requiring a D&C).  He had expressed concerns that there may be adhesions (scar tissue), making it difficult for the next embryo to have a nice place to stick.  So, we agreed to this test to make sure we were in the clear.

I made a promise to myself to always dress up to the clinic to keep it from feeling so serious and sterile. Here's a glimpse at the exam room:
The glamorous life
The Nurse Practitioner met us right away to get prepped for the test.  She first checked me via ultrasound - lining looked great and showed many micro follicles on my ovaries.  Next, a catheter was put in place and saline was injected through the tube.  She added the ultrasound wand back in to take images of my uterus.  The procedure lasted around 15 minutes.  I didn't experience nearly as much cramping as the last time I had this done.  She stayed pretty quiet through the test, just giving a few notes in medical gibberish to the nurse that joined us in the room.  But, right as I got to my breaking point in the suspense, she let me know that everything looks great!  No scar tissue, strong muscle wall, no polyps.  Praise God!

Because we were already doing a procedure using a catheter, we went ahead and did the Trial Embryo Transfer.  The purpose is to determine the length and direction of my uterus.  It's basically a road map for our Dr, so there are no difficulties on the actual transfer day.  She triple checked and it went in smooth & easy each time.  They are actually discussing no cervical stitch needed for this cycle, which will be a first!

All clear!
I ended the appointment with a quick blood draw to check my Vitamin D level.  I spoke with the nurse briefly about last week's blood draws (DHEAS & TSH).  They both came back normal, which surprised us both!  I've had to take dexamethasone every cycle due to a DHEAS imbalance.  

Needless to say, I'm really taken back by so many good things in one appointment.  Totally a God thing.  Lots and lots of prayers from friends, family and complete strangers.  I'm a very positive person, but it's easy to second guess things when it comes to IVF, especially with our track record.  I'm so thankful for Gavin, but knowing that it took 4 cycles to conceive him makes me anxious.  I'll keep praying and trust His timing. 

There's no better way to celebrate a great appointment than with a sweet treat.  So, we ventured over to Germantown and found a new favorite, Red Bicycle, a coffee and crepe house.  

Celebration time!
Now, we're back home basking in this fantastic day and I'm getting cranked up on lots more orders from our IVF fundraiser.  As a fundraiser for our upcoming cycle, I'm making two special necklaces - both symbolizing our hope of growing our family.  It has far exceeded my wildest dreams!  Over 100 orders shipped out since Wednesday and another 100 on the books.  I've even had a few orders from the United Kingdom!

If you are interested in purchasing one, please leave your email address and necklace details, so that I may send over a PayPal invoice.

Bird's Nest: $15
Peas in a Pod: $18

Customize with the following options:
Wire colors: Antique Silver, Antique Brass
Chain finishes: Antique Silver, Antique Brass
Chain lengths: 16", 18", 20", 24"
Bead colors: Taupe, Ivory, Pale Pink, Turquoise
Number of Beads (Price includes up to 4 - Additional beads are $2 each)

Thanks to everyone who has purchased, shared or prayed for this fundraiser.  You rock!

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