Monday, June 29, 2015

Lining Check

We went back to Nashville Fertility Center early this morning for a lining check appointment.  A major praise was smooth traffic, despite traveling during rush hour!  We were early for the first time ever.  Yay us!

I made a pit stop at the lab to have a quick blood draw to check my hormone levels.  Next, I went for an ultrasound.  The sonographer explained ideally they will find a tri-layer uterine lining with a measurement of 8mm +.  Thankfully in my scan I have a tri-layer lining measuring 12.5mm.  Such great news!  To compare, my lining at this point with Gavin was 9.5mm.

So, here's the plan moving forward:

- Continue daily Lupron injections (5 units) until Monday, July 6 --- only one week left!!

- Continue 0.2ml estradiol valerate injections on Tues/Sat.  The dose decreases to 0.1ml starting July 4th.  I'll stay on this through the pregnancy test and if positive, I'll continue until 10 weeks.

- Add progesterone in oil injections every evening starting Thursday, July 2.  1ml the first day and 2ml from then on.  Shots every day until the pregnancy test.  If positive, I'll continue until 10-12 weeks.

- Reconfirmed the embryo transfer for next Tuesday, July 7th at 11:30am with our favorite Dr.  I'll have an acupuncture session earlier that morning.

- Blood pregnancy test is scheduled for the morning of Friday, July 17

This cycle has flown by.  I owe that to G-man for keeping me busy.  It's been much easier than I imagined.  The biggest prayer at this point is for our embryo to survive the thawing process and remain great quality.  We are planning another single embryo transfer, like we did with Gavin.  If all goes well, this will leave us with 2 frozen embryos for future cycles.

Feels like Christmas morning is right around the corner.  All I can do now is relax until the transfer and pray that 10 days later we'll get news that a sweet little embryo is nestling in for the next 9 months.

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